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S.O. Tech

845,00 DKK
665,00 DKK
79,00 DKK
99,00 DKK
Rapid First Aid Pouch w/ Insert
699,00 DKK
Go Bag, A1
1.349,00 DKK
MBS Slim Belt Pad
469,00 DKK
MBS Utility Pack
599,00 DKK
1 Quart Canteen, Nalgene, General Purpose Pouch
325,00 DKK
Battle Bear
285,00 DKK
Belt Hanger Adapter
110,00 DKK
BLOCS Dump Pouch
399,00 DKK
BLoCS Medical Organizer Rescue Pack
2.199,00 DKK
Carry Handle/Shoulder Strap Pad
195,00 DKK
Chest Harness Zippered Adapter
225,00 165,00 DKK
Claw Padded Thigh Rig
550,00 DKK
Comfort System
399,00 DKK
Compact Individual Medical Aid Pouch
559,00 DKK
Compact Individual Medical Pouch
699,00 DKK
Contoured Padded Pistol Belt
550,00 340,00 DKK
Devil Rig
2.350,00 1.410,00 DKK
Dope Book Carrier
125,00 DKK
Double Pouch 40mm - Vertical Pull
219,00 109,50 DKK
Double Pouch Single Pistol Mag w/Elastic Retention
229,00 DKK
Expanding SERE Pack
649,00 DKK
Eye Pro/Admin Hardcase
349,00 DKK
Falcon Chest Harness
1.755,00 1.140,75 DKK
Flash Bang/40mm Pouch
199,00 DKK
Flat Web H-Shoulder Harness
588,00 455,00 DKK
Full Armor Carrier
599,00 DKK
Ghillie Cloak
1.699,00 DKK
Go Bag
1.169,00 DKK
Go Bag - Kryptek
1.499,00 749,50 DKK
Go Bag Insert
225,00 DKK
Go Bag Mini
1.050,00 DKK
Go Pouch
225,00 DKK
Go Pouch 2
179,00 DKK
Go Sling Bag
1.649,00 DKK
Go Sling Bag - KRYPTEK
1.885,00 942,50 DKK
Gorilla Cleaning Case
449,00 DKK
Gorilla Pistol Case
419,00 DKK
Gorilla Range Bag
2.230,00 DKK
Helmet Mesh Adapter
299,00 DKK
Hidden Internal Holster Module
199,00 DKK
Hydration Sleeve Module & Pack
749,00 374,50 DKK
iPad® Carry Pouch
299,00 DKK
Load Lifter
285,00 DKK
Low-Vis Commander Radio Pouch
599,00 299,50 DKK
Low-Vis Radio Pouch
280,00 140,00 DKK
M14 Double Mag Flapped Pouch
270,00 DKK
M4 Internal Mag Split Chest Harness w/shoulder straps
1.365,00 682,50 DKK
M4 Single Pouch Double Mag Flapped
239,00 DKK
1.399,00 DKK
Medical Card Pouch
275,00 DKK
Messenger Bag
1.210,00 DKK
Mission Go Bag
1.399,00 DKK
Mission Go Bag Flap
189,00 DKK
Mission Go Pack
1.890,00 DKK
Mission Pack - Expedition
3.799,00 DKK
Mission Pack - Medical
8.575,00 DKK
Mission Pack - Trek
2.859,00 DKK
Mission Pack - Urban
1.799,00 DKK
Mission Pack Belt
295,00 DKK
Mission Pack Insert
175,00 DKK
Mission System Panel - Camera
1.999,00 999,50 DKK
Mission System Panel - K9
1.499,00 DKK
MOLLE Holster - Vertical Mount
299,00 DKK
MOLLE Vertical-to-Horizontal Mount Panel
259,00 DKK
NVG - NODS Pouch
450,00 DKK
Padded Armor Belt
1.360,00 680,00 DKK
Padded Hybrid Hydration Harness w/Belt
1.810,00 999,00 DKK
Padded Shoulder Hydration Harness for Hellcat systems
1.025,00 512,50 DKK
Patrolman's Medical Thigh Rig
955,00 649,00 DKK
Personal Electronics Pouch
295,00 199,00 DKK
Personal Electronics Pouch 2
355,00 DKK
Quad Pouch 40mm
315,00 157,50 DKK
Radio MBITR Pouch - Basic
229,00 114,50 DKK
Rapid Response Bandoleer - MK2
599,00 DKK
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