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Eberlestock - Bando Bag
489,00 DKK
Eberlestock - Jacknife
2.139,00 DKK
OTTE GEAR - Hard Shell Patrol Parka
3.965,00 DKK
Vertx - Contingency Outbound Kit
455,00 DKK
CRKT - MinimalX
579,00 DKK
Eberlestock - Cirrus Ultralight Dry Bag - Dry Earth
249,00 DKK
Eberlestock - Cirrus Ultralight Dry Bag - Lichen
249,00 DKK
Eberlestock - Small General Purpose Pouch
349,00 DKK
Gerber - Zilch
249,00 DKK
ITW - FastMag Gen IV Pistol Magasin holder
439,00 DKK
Magpul - WCK - Wire Control Kit – M-LOK
219,00 DKK
TOPS - Silent Hero 4
1.729,00 DKK
VERTX - Everyday Fanny Pack
425,00 DKK
VERTX - Gamut Backpack (3.0)
2.399,00 DKK
VERTX - Guardian Stretch LS Shirt
729,00 DKK
VERTX - Integrity P Vest
1.099,00 DKK
VERTX - Keryx Sling Bag
1.889,00 DKK
Vertx - Last Line Flannel Shirt
699,00 DKK
Vertx - Long Walks MP Waist Pack
559,00 DKK
Vertx - Long Walks Pack 15L
1.039,00 DKK
Vertx - Long Walks Pack 28L
1.239,00 DKK
VERTX - Overlander
2.699,00 DKK
Vertx - Ready Pack (3.0)
1.759,00 DKK
399,00 DKK
  • 2021 Gear Up Tactical ApS
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